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In order to function normally, every business unit needs specialists to take care of its financial and accounting reporting. The fact is that commercial enterprises have organizational options available.
For those of you who prefer to rely on the professional care of proven experts in the financial and accounting field, the Televiks office is at your disposal. By choosing an external consultant and partner for your enterprise, you ensure peace of mind, save time and get the opportunity to fully concentrate on your own business activity.
We allow ourselves to share with you that we at the Televiks accounting firm have knowledge and experience in the accounting of transactions in the field of dynamically developing online trade. We find the right solutions for the cross-border movement of goods, both within and outside the European Union, including dropshipping and One Stop Shop (OSS) implementation.

If we have your interest, we are available to offer you professional accounting services in two options:

I. Monthly subscription service, which includes:

Processing of primary and secondary accounting documents

Preparation and submission of all monthly, quarterly and annual statements and declarations relevant to the nature of your business

Tracking and compliance with all legally regulated deadlines and thresholds

Preparation of references and reports at the request of the client

Assistance in case of inspections by the control authorities

II. Custom services:

You tell us what you need and we commit to fulfill it in a way and in a time frame defined by you

Start your business with our customized accounting services.